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My keyboard is broken.

I found the On-screen one, but it stinks.

Maybe later.

Check out the song.

Writer's Block: Found Objects

As the old saying goes, one person's trash is another person's treasure. What's the best thing—chairs, roller skates, old electronics—you've ever found that someone else had thrown away?
We found my brother under a rock.

But the best thing is everything that my dad's clients are just going to throw away, but my dad gets it instead, like my bedroom set. : )


Christmas is over.

My sister leaving yesterday somewhat makes it official. Mostly because of all the decorations that she left up all around the house. (I should really be collecting those and putting them away.)

This year was kind of different for my family. Usually we get together with family, either here or in Texas. But this year, with all the drama that is going on in my family, we stayed home and had a party. Fun. But at that party, my uncle called up and basically invited himself to come visit, all good and well except for the drama that has been going on in our family. I had to give up my nice new bed, and return to sleeping on the couch.

Then we had an intervention for my mom.

Worst intervention ever.

It ended up being a scream-fest between my sister, mom and uncle, with my aunt and I barely saying anything. Too bad my aunt and I were the only logically minded ones there. It was stupid and pointless. But there is going to be a background check (if it is possible).

But I was glad that eventhough we didn't go anywhere, I managed to spend time with my friends, even if Tina wasn't there. I wish Ellie could have visited, but I'm hoping she'll kidnap me again soon.

I didn't wear the gorilla suit at all. Depressing.

Well there are only 354 days until next Christmas.


It's Sunday, which means I went to church with my family.

And the only thing I got out of it was, I'm a horrible Catholic.

I've been going to the same church for my entire life. I received baptism, confirmation, and communion there. I went to religious ed up until 8th grade. (Which is dumb since I received my sacraments in 2nd grade.) I went to teen masses and the discussion groups afterwards.

And after all this Catholicism, I've learned nothing.

The movements are memorized, and the responses programmed into my psyche. I just float through mass unable to absorb the messages.

Recently I've been trying to pay more attention in the mass, but that was a horrible failure.

I learned that ...
  • we have a new pastor, he is Father John and from Ireland, he is also boring. He lectors in a monotone voice, and sings. He also likes to say the Hail Mary.
  • We also have two new priests, Father Martin from Russia, who, for the life of me, I cannot gather up enough drive to try and decipher his homilies. And Father Dan, who looks like Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

At mass today, I really did try to listen, but I don't know what the priest was trying to explain, instead I made these observations...
  • The church was packed, we got the very last seats in the very pack of the church. 
  • Mrs. Cannon was there in her usual spot.
  • Two cute guys walked in and had to stand at the doors in the back because there was no more room.
  • When asked how the wise men knew how to get where they are going, one kid answered GPS.
  • My brother was either being very polite or didn't want to sit in his seat, I think the latter.
  • My sister asked me what color I would want for my wedding, and I realize  don't know. (But I've been thinking, maybe a nice orange)
  • My mom fell asleep and said she was "praying".
  • My mom still thinks it is 2007.
  • People don't know how to Genuflect.
  • I had a white hair.
  • Tahnee's dad doesn't wear deodorant and he smells. 
But the good thing is, I'm not a horrible Christian.

I've been to other churches and have actually felt something, gained some inner knowledge of my own faith. Thank God.

Oh and  a little side note.
I did learn one thing today. There is a young member of the parish who needs your prayers. Andrea is 9 years-old and is having heart surgery to repair her aorta. She has been living her entire life in heart failure with only two functioning heart chambers. She is going to undergo surgery the 8th of January at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Keep her doctors, parents Troy and Lena and her brothers Paul and Josh in your prayers as well. May God's grace shine down on them all.



Ok, so this is a little bit strange.

This isn't my first livejournal.

Back in the day, that being middle school, before facebooks and myspace, my friends and I had livejournals.  I'm not sure what happens to a livejournal if you don't use it for 6 years, but I think it's safe to assume, that my old one has been laid to rest.

But now this is all fancy and complicated. And I'm confused. Julia, you left me hanging. Now I have to figure out what I'm doing in order to inform my best friend about the most inane parts of my life and thoughts, which in all likelihood would normally be forgotten (and even more likely, still will).

So I guess I'm going to suck it up and start this new fancy blogging for anyone who cares to read.

This one is for you Julia.




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